About Me

I am a baker/recipe developer and mother to many.  I live in Salt Lake City, Utah with my husband where we own a wonderful cookie bakery called RubySnap.  Traveling to Bali, Indonesia is my thing, and sometimes I branch out to Europe and other parts of Asia.  In a former life I was a designer for 15 years.  My hobbies are wake surfing, photography, graphic design, an above all, I spend every waking hour thinking about ingredients and how to create culinary moments worth remembering.   We have a phrase in our home called “Rough Sundays” in which we gather family around the dinner table and chow down likes it’s the best day of our life! Welcome to the savory side of my life.

Utah wedding and portrait photography
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    This is the Lucy cookie featured in March. It is a lime dough with a cheesecake center topped with a lime curd.